Awareness Studies Course 


Sage Drums Tasmania


An interview with Jane Anderson about Sage Drums and Awareness Studies:


Drum Making & Drumming Workshop Latrobe

3-4th September

Sacred Drumming Workshop

4th September

$125 includes lunch

Drum Making & Yoga Treats

Bruny Island

18-20th November

Event Details are on the Bookings Page

10% discounts available to concession

card holders, students or previous clients.

Earth Medicine 

"The gifts from the land, the sea, the hills the trees

The spirit of all that dwells on our Mama Earth

The healing power of Nature

The forests, the wood, the jungle, the bush, the desert and the seashore

There in dwells the magical essence of all that is

of all that gives

Medicine for sickness from the plants

Drums from the skins of our four legged friends

Drums that vibrate and sing and renew

Drums that open our hearts to the truth of our reason for Being

Drums that remind us to sing, and dance and have fun.

Drums that centre us and ground us and bring us into the moment

Drums that help us laugh again, cry and let go.

Earth Medicine

We are Grateful..."

Jane Anderson

What to expect at our Unique Retreats:

*Find inner peace and heart connection

*Self realisation and healing

*Nurturing open, safe circle of like minded people

*Powerful drumming singing and chanting

*Honest, deep authentic sharing in a unique and strong space

*Journey meditations to seek inner truth and understanding

*Animal Totem discovery and connection/reconnection

* FUN ...drumming circle is a lot of fun too!

Learn to play the powerful beats of the medicine drum in Sacred Circle, sing and chant...

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Sage Drums wishes to show respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land past and present.  Sage Drums offers their ongoing respect to the Spirits of Place, and works humbly and mindfully during all events.