Who We Are

Jane Anderson: "I have facilitated drum making, drumming circles and retreats for over 22 years, starting back in 1999 after the birth of our third child, Sage.

The Medicine Drum has changed my life forever in so many positive ways, and I attribute it to being one of the reasons I'm still here...

Drumming is a primal, uplifting, spiritual and fun thing to do.  Making your own drum is profound...Come with me on a journey of healing and discovery as we learn the magic of the Drum together.  I strive to live a simple life in southern Tasmania, residing in our humble home on a property south of Hobart, Tasmania."

Jane has an Advanced Diploma in Sacred Arts, and a Diploma in Nursing and has studied extensively the teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over twenty years.  Jane wishes to acknowledge and give thanks to Lesley Crossingham and her book, Sacred Circle: Ocean of Stars, and Rita Morning Star for introducing and teaching Jane in the ways of Women's Moon Lodge and medicine drumming circles.  

Thank you for visiting Sage Drums...

This is Jalquin, he handcrafts the wooden hoops for Sage Drums to be born.  Thank you Jalquin, for your clever craft, patience and generosity.