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"The beating of the drum helps us listen to our soul so we can understand our purpose and our connection to each other in the Circle of Life....The drum is a sacred object and when not in use it should be shrouded in its own bag made of natural materials such as 100% cotton or animal hide. Hanging the drum on a wall as an art piece diminishes its voice. You wouldn’t hang a human on the wall to be admired, and as the drum is human it should not be put there either. The drum should always be placed skin side up as a sign of respect. Prayers are said each time the drum is used. The prayers are to ask the Creator for the ability to sing in a good way; to thank the Creator for the animal that gave its life to become the hide for the drum; for the people who hear, that they be blessed and feel good when they hear the songs played. In other words, the drum is prayed for before it comes to the person, dedicated in prayer before it is used and prayed for before each use".  From: http://www.northernc.on.ca/indigenous/the-drum/

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