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Drum Healing Therapy


The ancient modality of therapeutic Drum Healing has aided in healing for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Using the earthy yet spiritual tones and vibrations of the Medicine Drum, relax and enjoy the beauty of a one hour Drum Healing session with Jane Anderson.  

During the session you will be given spiritual insight and advice.  There is always a sign, and a spiritual visitor to accompany your journey.

The Drums vibrations and tones penetrate and vibrate through your cells aiding in chakra alignment and reconstitution.

Email [email protected] to make your appointment.

Sessions are held in the Sacred Circle Lodge, Kettering Tasmania.


" I have had the privilege of having two drum healings with Jane from Sage Drums Tasmania, each time was profound and insightful.

  The first healing took place when I was experiencing a time of very low physical energy. The vibrations of the drum seemed to sink deeply into my body, it felt as if something was being "woken up"

When the drumming was finished Jane "wove threads" around me, in what I came to think of as repairing my auric field. I felt whole and peaceful with a steady energy.

  The second drum healing was at a time of emotional exhaustion and stress.

The drumming seemed to hold me, facilitating deep release, the tears came without warning. I felt ...so very light and unburdened and slept like a baby that night.

  The thing that both these sessions had in common was Jane's sensitivity and intuition, her ability to be a conduit for spirit and her integrity toward being of service.

  Jane has the ability to hold space for people without judgement, to create a healing container where you are held and protected."


Yoga Love Freedom, Tasmania

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