Awareness Studies Online Course 

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Use the Medicine Wheel for personal growth and transformation
                                                                             (medicine meaning spirit, wheel meaning energy)

Connect with the Ancient Medicine Wheel in a mindful, creative way to find peace 

Why Am I here

Who Am I

Connect with Mother Earth & The Elementals

Use meditation, creativity and journaling
to heal, transform and ignite your inner fire

Discover your personal Medicine Wheel 

Learn to be present

Release old patterns and be creative

Study at your own pace with this grounding, self exploratory course. 
Learn the many layers of the Medicine Wheel, and how you can incorporate them into your life.  

How it works:
To begin study you will need to create an account with Sage Drums Tasmania's Learn World Account and pay for the course.
You will then have unlimited access to the content indefinitely.
Log on and off at your leisure, working at your own pace and checking in with one of our mentors from time to time if you need support or have questions.
Your investment in Self is $925.
Please Read the Awareness Studies Terms and Conditions before signing up.  There are no refunds available.
You will have access to weekly worksheets which include simple effective meditations, creative tasks and personal medicine wheel mandalas.  
You will have support from the Awareness Studies Mentor Team that have all studied the course.
Let yourself become free of judgment as you let go to explore who you really are in the world.  
Connect deeply with Mother Nature and the elementals as you journey closer to your essence...

48 Weekly Worksheets
Mentor support with the Sage Drums Mentor team by email.
Ebook Copy of Midden, by J. Anderson

Awareness Studies is
A Master Class in Self Realisation

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel.... Some of the benefits of Awareness Studies are:
  • The Medicine Wheel Teachings and your current Medicine Wheel positions
  • Connecting with Nature, Mother Earth, the Elementals and your Animal Spirit Totems 
  • Use simple techniques to become present
  • Use journaling, creative work and simple meditation for deeper understanding
  • Find time for you in this self paced course designed for healing and transformation
  • Enjoy an optional retreat at the completion of the course to make a drum and connect with other students

Audio and video content for easier learning is included

"Over 10 years ago I did the online awareness studies with Jane. It is an amazing process that allows you the freedom of growth on all levels. The insight one gains in the experience exceeds the words we have to explain. With a full heart I recommend this process... Joy joy joy. To all enjoy!"
Jane Ferbrache, 2021
"I'm so grateful for this course. Its providing guidance for invaluable observation and insight into daily life and embracing my humanity. I am breaking my own boundaries into creative and joyful expression. Thank you Jane."  Eve Howard,  Student 2021

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