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Course Dates 2022-23

Introduction Workshop

Nov 5th


Drum Making Workshop

December 4th 2022


Drumming and Singing Workshop

January 8th 2023


Beading and Drumming


4th February 2023


Weekend Retreat

10th-12th March


Hawley House

Port Sorrell

Earth Medicine Course

for the

North West of Tasmania

Next round starting November 5th 2022

Fill in the form on the lefthand side to apply  

Come have fun, make your  own Medicine Drum, let go, come and remember who you are...

4 workshops, 1 weekend retreat, that's just 6 days that will change your life...

Do you feel the need for meaningful sharing, creativity, fun and healing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

"Come with me on a journey of healing and discovery of the Medicine Wheel as we learn the magic of the drum and Earth Medicine together!

Course Outline for NW Coast:

Meet & Greet   An afternoon of  sharing and meeting your fellow students

 Saturday 5th November 2022 2pm, Holding Space Yoga Somatics Studio East Devonport  -  will include drumming and singing circle.

Stage 1:  1 x Drum Making Workshop Sunday 4th December 2022, Holding Space Yoga Somatics Studio, East Devonport

East - birth, rebirth, new beginnings, Door Keeper Eagle.

Make your very own sacred drum for ritual, ceremony, healing and fun. Includes standard 15 inch hoop drum and goat skin.


Stage 2: 1 x Drumming and Singing Workshop  Sunday January 8th 2023 Latrobe  

South - a place of learning, childhood, story telling, singing and drumming. Remember to have fun and be present. Door Keeper Coyote.

Learn to use your drum in a sacred way.  Learn the many beats and songs that accompany your drumming.  Find your own drum beats and songs.  

Stage 3:  1 x Beading and Drumming Workshop - Saturday February 4th 2023 Latrobe

West - a place of adulthood, introspection and meditation. Listen to your inner guidance to create something of beauty and power Gate Keeper Bear. 

"This simple, powerful and beautiful technique was originally called Peyote Stitch beading. Out of respect for the traditional owners of this old craft we call it brick stitch, as we do not possess the knowledge and do not practise the ceremonies that originally came with this stitch. The small glass beads are all said to have a spirit, and as we bead we connect to the spirit of these beads, allowing us to create patterns of meaning. The patterns come from the heart, not a piece of paper or someone else’s design. The lesson in the beading is to let go of wanting your bead work to look a particular way, and trust in the process that unfolds bead by bead. When we let go, something incredible happens...Trust your intuition, the feminine, the deep well of creativity within to help you explore and create." Jane A.

Stage 4: Earth Medicine Course Weekend Retreat 10th-12th March 2023 Hawley House, Port Sorrell

North - a place of wisdom, old age and purification. Coming full circle around the wheel of life (the medicine wheel) we look back at all we have learned and experienced along the way, gaining wisdom. Gate Keeper Buffalo which represents abundance.  

The final stage of the course is to integrate and ground all you have learnt from the first 3 stages.

This sacred weekend of sharing, ceremony,  drumming, song, meditation and reflection is integral to your learning.  Retreat runs from Friday Evening until Sunday afternoon.

Mentorship and Support:

Over the duration of the course you will have continued guidance and support from Jane Anderson.

Course Fees:

$1695 waged $1550 concession, covers all materials, 4 workshops, the Weekend Retreat, mentorship and meals, plus course workbook and an ebook copy of Midden, a novel by Jane.          

Payment Plans Available after initial deposit of $250: Waged 4 x  $361.25  or  6 x $240.85 or 8 x $180.60 or 10 x $144.50

Concession Plans: 4 x  $325 or 6 x $216.70 or 8 x $162.50 or 10 x  $130

Proof of Concession Required.

A $250.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of admission into the course and is deducted from the total course fee.  

Optional Extras, want to go deeper?  Awareness Studies Course  $925 

Payable by 12 monthly instalments of $77.

Refund Policy: withdrawal from the course will incur extra administration and material fees.  Withdrawal from the course more than 20 days before the start will be eligible for a 20% refund, minus the initial deposit.  Refunds for withdrawals  less than 20 days till the start of the course will not be eligible for a refund.


Course Testimonials: 

I heard the call of the drum and followed it in to a circle of women, medicine and healing.  Sage Drums has been a blessing in my life.  To be able to connect with amazing people through drumming, song and ceremony has been a powerful gift.  I am so grateful and feel all the richer for my experiences"  Eve Howard Student '21-'22

"As  someone who was new to the idea of the Medicine Wheel, I joined the course with the goal of making and learning to play the drum.  But I got so much more out of it.  I met an amazing group of women who I learnt from.  Jane's approach to teaching was authentic and gentle and encompassed different people's level of experience.  I would highly recommend the course or a drum making workshop."  Jenny O'Connell Student '21-'22

"Thank you so much Jane for sharing your knowledge, if anyone has a thought to join this course I highly recommend it, for me it was a dream to make my own drum and learn to be one with it for my own healing. It has been a journey and when I wasn't doing the work I found in some way the lessons where presenting themselves. Jane wasn't a teacher but a guiding light without judgement allowing each and everyone of the beautiful women to discover our own path, knowing Jane was there to gently guide us, being with us in our discoveries, hearing our stories. The workshops where great but the weekend together and drumming was powerful and healing. Thank you to each of the beautiful women and Jane for this journey. This poem reminds me of you Jane. A Medicine Woman's Prayer. I will not rescue you. For you are not powerless. I will not fix you. For you are not broken. I will not heal you. For I see you,in you wholeness. I will walk you through the darkness, As you remember your light. Much love and gratitude Debbie xxx" Debbie Cleary 3/2/'22

Earth Medicine

"The gifts from the land, the sea, the hills the trees

The spirit of all that dwells on our Mama Earth

The healing power of Nature

The forests, the wood, the jungle, the bush, the desert and the seashore

There in dwells the magical essence of all that is

of all that gives

Medicine for sickness from the plants

Drums from the skins of our four legged friends

Drums that vibrate and sing and renew

Drums that open our hearts to the truth of our reason for Being

Drums that remind us to sing, and dance and have fun.

Drums that centre us and ground us and bring us into the moment

Drums that help us laugh again, cry and let go.

Earth Medicine

We are Grateful..."

Jane Anderson


Testimonials: "I have thoroughly enjoyed attending Jane's Drumming circles over the years. Her calming influence creates a beautiful energy we can all benefit from. The drumming sessions have been both healing and balancing for me and I leave with a sense of calm and happiness. Which I truely thank Jane for".  Cassie 2019

"Good Morning Jane,
A million thank you's for a magnificent experience yesterday.
Totally loved it, (George too). Great learning tool for discovering our inner greatness... and so many other amazing wonders... Truly wish to attend a drum making workshop in next year or so. Regards, Namaste, Ximena."  March 2020

" Over the past twenty years I have had the pleasure and privilege of being part of women's and medicine drum circles which Jane has facilitated. A loving, kind and sweet soul, guide and teacher is Jane. I always feel supported and nourished from these powerful experiences. I went to a medicine drum making retreat on Bruny Island in Jan 2020 which Jane ran. What a special and sacred experience and now I have a beautiful kangaroo medicine drum to continue using for healing and connection with nature.
So grateful for these experiences and all I have learnt through song and drum! " 
Tania, February 2020