Frequently Asked Questions @ Sage Drums Tasmania

Q. I'm interested in drumming workshops/drum making.  Are you able to run a workshop or retreat in my area?

A. Yes, Sage Drum will travel, but we ask that you can first confirm a group of 5+ interested people before contacting us and asking if we would run a workshop in your area.  Sage Drums prefers not to camp, if you wish to hold an event in a secluded area, accommodation close by would be preferable.  Also, due to the nature of the drum making/retreats, a building with facilities is preferable for our events.

Q. Can children make drums and attend workshops and retreats?

A.  Sage Drums will make drums with children 7+ years, but they must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.  Children over 16 are welcome to all retreats and workshops.  If an event says "all welcome", this means children (girls and boys) over 16, men, women and gender diverse people are all welcome to that event.

Q.  Are Sage Drums workshops/retreats for men and women?

A.  If an event specifies "women only"  this means just that.  If an event specifies "men and women welcome", then it is that.  Gender Diverse people are welcome to women's only events.  Please be mindful that the women's only events are based on a very old tradition of the Moon Lodge teachings from Lakota Indian Tradition, and were only ever intended for women.

Q.  Can I make a drum with you by myself?

A.  Yes, please read through all of Sage Drums events, testimonials and pricing before contacting Sage Drums.  A private, one day session with Sage Drums

will cost you $440.  Weekend retreat costs and Moon Lodge costs will vary.

Q.  Do you hold your workshops and retreats in a sacred manner?

A.  All of our events are facilitated from a place of love and respect.  We work humbly and mindfully with the spirits of place, and in respect for the origins of their becoming.  We use ritual and ceremony in the correct manner and in the way it was given to us.

Q. How do I book a retreat or event?

A.  Please go the the registration or create your own events page on this website, any other questions can be asked there.

Q. Cancellation Policies;  


All events have a $100-$110 deposit and are NON-REFUNDABLE

Cancellations 3 or more weeks prior to events will receive a full refund minus the deposit

Cancellations less than 3 weeks prior to events will receive a 50% refund minus deposit

Cancellations 5-7 days before event will receive a 25% refund minus deposit

Cancellations less than 3 days prior to event will receive NO refund.

Please read testimonials and check out the bookings page and upcoming events before contacting Sage Drums