Drums all finished!  Our lovely group after the Penguin drum making workshop Oct. 2019

All of us at the March retreat 2019, Bruny Island, Tasmania

Deborah's Drum

It takes two to string the 16 M of waxed linen thread onto the wooden drum hoop...

Jane's drum on a altar, the smudge bowl, with sage for cleansing, the turkey smudging feather keeps us grounded, the candle to represent fire energy and the sun, and the little watering can holds the water to connect us to the moon energy.

This lovely image of Olaia's drum held up to the sun shows the 4 pointed handle.  The number 4 is sacred to many native cultures.  It represents the 4 seasons, the 4 elements, the earth, the air, the fire, the water.  The 4 legged animals and the 4 directions, east, south, west, north.

We are all connected by the wheel of life, the Medicine Wheel.  Our drums are a Medicine Wheel in their own right.  

Nicky has decorated her drum by hand painting her totems, Owl and Eagle onto it. 
 You can personalise your own drum by being creative too.

This is Jane with her old drum.

Jane's old drum from the back, decorated with an owl feather.  The owl lives in a tree on her property and can be heard screeching every night at dusk.  He has only been spotted once or twice, but the feathers and regurgitated owl pellets are evidence he's about.  The 7 pointed handle was made by "mistake", but fits Jane's hand perfectly.

Jenzy and Roman preparing the drum skin at a drum making workshop around 10 years ago.  The template has 32 holes.  The skin is cut into a circle and the 32 holes punched out.  It is from there the weaving of the 16 metres of waxed linen thread begins over the wooden drum hoop.

Every skin is unique, and tells a story of the life that has been.  

The skins are honoured as they are re-birthed into becoming drums...