Drumming is a very old activity that will benefit you in more ways than one.  Along with being fun, it also has the ability to soothe the soul.  Drumming brings you out of your mind and into the moment, therefore it is very good for depression.   The beats and tones of the drum heal you, and connect you to your heart instead of the ever chatting, busy mind.  

Drumming is an ancient form of healing, that has been used by many cultures, and of course still is today, known for it's positive effects...Sitting in a circle and drumming with a group can be a profound experience.  One unique and full of magic and surprises.

Sit, listen, feel....the drum is here for you.

I have made a short video to share, unfortunately the true beauty of the drum doesn't translate as well as it actually is.

If you would like to hear and feel the drum for yourself, contact Jane for one of our many opportunities.


*Drumming sounds best while wearing headphones*